Bideford BMX Club races and trains at the BMX Track adjacent to the Pollyfields Centre, East-the-Water, Bideford.

We are a non profit making club run solely by volunteers.

Our goals are very simple

  • To provide riders the facility and resources to allow their riding to flourish.
  • To provide coaching sessions to actively increase race performance.
  • To promote not just racing but cycling as whole within the local community.
  • To promote an easy going and welcoming environment with a community feel and presence.
  • Continuing support and improvement of the track and surrounding areas
  • Encourage the growth of BMX racing through our Grass Roots programme
  • Helping to create a healthy, vibrant and connected community.

Club History
Bideford BMX Club has been running since the early 80’s and is the only remaining club in North Devon, offering years of racing experience and coaching. Training is offered to experts and beginners with ages running from 4 to 50+. We are ‘Go-ride’ registered and working towards becoming ‘club mark’ accredited. Being ‘go-ride’ means the club has achieved certain criteria set out by British Cycling relating to coaching and governance – find out more about ‘go-ride’ here

Development Plans
We’re constantly looking at ways to develop the site and since 2014 the club has undergone a phased regeneration program to bring the club in line with more modern facilities. These developments include

  • Mains electric connected to site (installed Feb 2015)
  • Upgrading of 4th Straight to bring it more in line with national track standards (completed Feb 2015)
  • Mains water and sewerage (installation in Sept 2015)
  • Purchase of W/C block to include facilities for male, female and disabled members (Sept 2015)
  • Perimeter Fence to safeguard users, the track and club assets (Installed April 2016)
  • Upgrade of club house to include cladding, pitched roof & covered veranda (Installed Nov 2017)
  • Upgrading to 2nd & 3rd straight to bring more inline with national standard tracks and increase provision for drainage (Completed Mar 2018)
  • Total remodelling of 1st straight to provide a more challenging set of jumps to aid in rider development and help to promote confidence and give rise to better coaching opportunities
  • Install a 5m start hill inline with UCI regs. Our start hill doesn’t conform to UCI or BC regulations, it’s very drawn out and not step or high enough. Our intension is to dig down to the existing track level and build off the existing mound a 5m hill in line with regulations
  • Renew the start gate. The existing start gate is antiquated and is prone to reliability issues, especially when running races! We plan to install a ProStart gate, a UCI & British Cycling recognised system, The gate system is highly developed, very reliable, has less frequency for servicing and yet very serviceable should issues arise with excellent support from ProStart. Importantly for us the new system is the quietest system out there, meaning our surrounding neighbours will not be disturbed by our gate sessions or during race days = Happy Neighbours!!

The final phase of the development program is to include

  • Covered start gate hut, Bidefords track is exposed and being coastal is prone to being windy. The wind affects riders abaility to balance on the start gate, meaning progression can be affected. The hut will also provide a track side hub for coaching, they’ll been TV screens to play back video analysis, allowing our coaching to be more professional. The hut will have a large affect on rider progression.

This new project is currently in the planning phases and we’re currently pulling together all of the quotations and writing the funding applications to help secure the capital for delivery.

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