Go Ride

Bideford BMX Club are Go-Ride registered. It is aimed at improving both young riders and clubs focusing on volunteers, young people, improving coaching standards and increasing participation.

To met the standard Bideford BMX Club must fulfil 30 criteria’s set out by British Cycling and must demonstrate that they have not only met these, but also how we will continue to work towards improving our practises and achieving ‘best-practice’.

One of the main criteria for Go-Ride Accreditation is for the club to have British Cycling qualified coaches, which Bideford already have. We have also appointed a Welfare Officer who has been trained in Safeguarding and Protecting Children.

Who is Go Ride for?

The Club – Implementing Go-Ride at Bideford BMX Club will help improve the way we deliver better club activities and improve the way the club is managed. One of the benefits, alongside better administration, is that Go-Ride helps increase youth membership and acts as a beacon to show that Bideford BMX Club provide a supportive environment for young members.

Riders – Bideford BMX Clubs Go-Ride coaching activities are designed to introduce young people to BMX, so whatever your age or ability there’ll be something to suit your needs.

Volunteers – As with any club Bideford BMX Club rely on the hard work of our volunteers. These volunteers include; Coaches, Club Contacts, and Club Welfare Officers. As a Go-Ride club we are offered training for volunteers to help build a supportive environment for young people in which they can enjoy their cycling.

Families – Go-Ride clubs have something to offer everyone. They offer opportunities to ride, regardless of your age and ability and opportunities to volunteer. There’s something for the whole family.

For more information on Go-Ride follow this link