How to Manual

A manual, also known as a coasting wheelie, is similar to a catwalk. The difference is that manuals do not require pedaling. The lack of pedaling means that manuals can be done at much higher speeds.

1- Master the wheelie before trying the manual.

2- Get up to a reasonable speed. You want to go fast enough to provide momentum, but not so fast that you can not control yourself.

3- When you are ready to manual, get your pedals parallel to the ground.

4- Load the front wheel.

5- Pop the front wheel off the ground and shift your weight back on the bike in one motion. Your arms should be straight when you lean back. You are not holding the front wheel up with you arms. You are shifting your body weight to balance the front wheel in the air. Your center of gravity should be right over the rear axle. Make sure to have your legs strait so its easier to stay up.

6- Pull your body forward and the front wheel will drop.