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Let the kids Race!!!!

You may not be aware, but British Cycling are proposing changes to BMX racing that could dramatically change the future of our sport.

On 7th November 2014, British Cycling asked the views of their members to proposed changes to Youth Competition structure across all cycling disciplines:

Despite no data ever being produced supporting the proposal, on 1st June 2015, the board of British Cycling issued a statement approving the changes:

In response to an outpouring of critical feedback from the BMX community British Cycling entered into a short period of consultation with the BMX commission and several invited delegates:—board-statement-0

The BMX Commission are not elected but appointed by British Cycling. They have no mandate to consider the views of the members (though some do) and they are free to action changes based on their personal opinions alone.

On 28th August 2015, at the meeting of the BMX Commission and representatives of the wider BMX community, most attendees felt they had reached agreement for an age inclusive pathway. Behind closed doors, British Cycling altered the inclusive experience based pathway to one where under 9’s would face restrictions at National and International competitions.

The people behind the age restricted proposals have confessed that their proposals are not based on any evidence nor do they know the impact they will have on BMX.

We believe that our National Governing Body owes a duty of care to protect the sport of BMX from mismanagement, so we produced a study examining the data behind the proposals.

We have attached a copy of this report so that you can make up your own mind.

What should you do next?

If (after reading the attached report) you believe British Cycling should be making policy changes effecting BMX based on facts rather than anecdotal evidence then you should email Ian Drake and ask him to ‘conduct an open consultation and impact assessment before approving changes affecting BMX youth competition.’ You may like to use the text below.

Subject: Proposed changes to BMX youth competition structure

Dear Mr Drake,

After reading the BCS Group study, I do not believe the proposed changes to youth competition structure affecting BMX have been properly considered.

Please do not implement any of these proposals until an open consultation and impact assessment has been completed in full.

Failure to do this, will damage my faith in British Cycling’s ability to represent the best interests of BMX racing in the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely,