Club News

Minutes from AGM 2017

Bideford AGM – 17th Feb 2018

Minutes from meeting:

New committee for 2018 voted in, members are as follows;

    • Chair – Justin Gatting
    • Vice Chair – Mark Ellis
    • Treasurer – Julie Anne Charlesworth
    • Secretary – Rob Flavell
    • Welfare – Gemma Penny
    • PR & Comms – Ski Martin
    • Clubhouse manager – Nikki Dempsey
    • Riders reps – Naz Gullon / Charlie Dempsey

Membership Fees / Track fees agreed and ratified from previous committee meeting; 

  • Membership fees for 2018
    • Single membership £30:00
    • Family Membership £50:00
    • Free membership for residents from East of Water, with proof of address
  • Yearly gates fees
    • Single: one off payment to cover all open gate sessions from Jan to Dec £50.00
    • Family: one off payment to cover all open gate sessions from Jan to Dec £100.00
  • Single ride gate fees
    • £2:00 per session for members
    • £4:00 per session for non members

Club Update

  • Track: We’re really pleased with the progress that has been made with the track, first berm is now tarmaced and the 2nd / 3rd straights have been remodelled. Feedback from riders has universally positive – which is great!! There is still some work to be done – all aesthetics, such as turfing sides of jumps, clean stoning soakaways and line painting, hardstanding for car parking, general tidy. There will be a couple of track maintenance days to get these jobs sorted – keep an eye on social media for updates, please make time to volunteer – we all have better things to do, but many hands make light work!!!
  • Clubhouse: I’m sure you’ll agree our clubhouse is looking awesome, the cladding and new roof/veranda looking wicked! We need to have a tidy up inside – this will be scheduled for the track maintenance days
  • Bank: We’ve been working closely with TDC to agree on a way ahead of the bank to the west of the track. Nothing has been finalised, but there is going to be some remedial works to shore it up – More to follow on this
  • Planning permission: We are going to submit an application for a 5m start hill, new first straight and for our temporary lighting scheme to become permanent – this will be submitted shortly. Once planning is sorted we’ll then start to find funding for the works to the hill and first straight.
  • Elecs: All club elecs are currently being upgraded, rationalised and improved so we’re in a much better place moving forward. Works should be completed shortly – Big thanks to Pete for his time and efforts!!

Regional Update

  • Region have introduced some regulations that will affect our race day. We will need to find volunteers for all race day personnel, otherwise we’ll be fined £50 per non filled post. Clearly, we need to get this sorted. Club will post a list of jobs shortly on Facebook so have a look and decide what you can do. It was decided that if you have a child racing for Bideford BMX you will need to supply at least 1 volunteer per rider. If we end up being short we will look to form partnerships with other clubs so that we can ‘trade’ volunteers to overcome any shortages.

Accounting / Finance

  • Club is going to introduce an online accounting system to make our bookkeeping more efficient – RF to look into solutions
  • Request Debit card from Natwest / paypal account to be set up
  • Paypal card reader for clubhouse


  • Club is introducing monthly coaching with Barrie Green; this will be split into novice and expert coaching. Run on a weekend, before the open session. Price & dates to follow

Club Volunteers / Opening

  • It was decided the club will need the following to open for a standard open session;
    • 3 people (1 for the clubhouse, 1 gate operation, 1 floating role) without these in place the club will not open. We will be creating a rota for the roles and if you volunteer you’ll be responsible for being available for your rota’d slot – if you’re not available you’ll need to find someone else to do it.
    • Club will also be running a first aid training day shortly – fee’s will be payable, however we will deduct those fees from your membership in 2019.
    • Club is introducing a £1 fine for not signing in, you’ll need to be signed 30 mins after the session has started, otherwise you’ll be fined £1 per rider.

Club Jersey

  • Bideford will have a  jersey available for the 2018 season, it would be really cool if we could have all riders in a club Jersey for this season. Sample will be available soon – Ski Martin is on the case. Cost will be £30 – made by Kalos, who make the GB shirts