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AGM 2016 – Minutes

Minutes – AGM 22nd October 2016

2016-17 Committee voted in as follows:

  • Chairman: Justin Gatting
  • Vice chair: Mark Elli
  • Treasurer: Julieanne Charlesworth
  • Secretary: Rob Flavell
  • Welfare: Grace Flavell
  • Clubhouse manager: Nikki Dempsey
  • Maintenance managers: Darren Phipps, Graham Holmes & Dan Brown

Meeting minutes

  • Ski Martin has kindly agreed to run our online media streams (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) along side the existing people. Ski’s got a wealth of experience in this field and will increase our presence. It was agreed to streamline our Facebook accounts to 1 (Bideford Bicycle MX) passwords & users name will be distributed.
  • Rota’s for setting up and packing away and a maintenance schedule was agreed – We’ll post on Facebook in due course to get volunteers for the setting up / taking down. Maintenance team will pull together a schedule for tasks such as grass cutting, weed spraying etc – volunteers will also be required for this – more to follow on Facebook.
  • We’ve approached Devon Waste Management to get them to donate some green and black bins so we can start recycling some of our waste. This will also encourage riders to use the bins rather than dropping litter on site. Work in progress.
  • Membership 2017 agreed as follows
    • Free to East-The-Water Residents (£1:00 to ride)
    • £10:00 Single
    • £30:00 Family
    • £1:00 member ride
    • £3:00 Non member ride
    • £50:00 upfront years track fees
  • Coaching 2017
    • Agreed to continue to use Sam
    • Agreed to get funding to put Mike Smart through his badges
    • Agreed to run coaching separate from open gate sessions (Saturday AM or Sunday)
  • Parking
    • Agreed to remove pens to create more parking
    • Encourage people to park on grass alongside access track – weather permitted.
    • Historically used hard-standing in front of boxing club.
  • First Aid
    All agreed we need to refresh / renew our first aid provision at the club. Darren Phipps to talk will Neil Collis about running a first aid training day. More to follow on this.
  • Next developments
    • Fix gate: Meeting onsite Friday 28th October to discuss way ahead. This is a key priority.
    • Pens
    • Renew club house flooring
    • Paint inside of clubhouse
    • Timber starter cabin
    • Finish 1st straight post and rail fence
    • Install start store box
    • lights

Minutes can be downloaded here (PDF Reader required)